The Cutting Edge of Beauty, Without the Cutting Edge

When people think of exterior beauty, they often think of two extremes. The lower impact of these are cosmetics that do not always match your skin tone, texture, or dermatological needs. The other extreme is plastic surgery, a more lasting but potentially dangerous beauty solution. Is there an in between that can reverse or freeze the physical effects of aging? Are there interventions that carry most of these benefits while opening you up to as few risks as possible?

Proven in both the fields of cosmetic medicine and therapeutic kinesiology, botox injections provide this middle-of-the-road approach with proven benefits. Below are some of the many advantages you will enjoy with this low-impact version of cosmetic medicine.

Botox is not a surgical procedure. Rather, it is a simple injection of a safe, medical grade version of the botulinum (Clostridium botulinum or BTX), a neurotoxic protein. It is important to note that the amount used in injections is far, far below toxicity levels for human beings. Botulinum temporarily paralyzes facial muscles in a very specific way, “filling in” or reversing wrinkles and sagging skin to give the face a fuller, more youthful appearance.

Botox has additional clinical benefits in the form of muscle strengthening and pain management. One of the unintentional side effects is the curing or lessening of certain types of headaches, including those caused by stress and muscle tension.

Botox is used primarily to treat frown lines, wrinkles between the eyebrows, and crow’s feet (on the outer corners of the eyes). Botox has been proven effective in the treatment of these wrinkles in slight, moderate, and severe cases.

As a paralytic injected directly into the muscles of the face, it also prevents patterns of expression that stretch the skin, break down fascia (the connective tissue just under the skin), and ultimately cause wrinkles and hollowness of the facial features.


Botox is a temporary wrinkle solution appropriate for ages 18 through 65.

In addition to its cosmetic benefits, botulinum has been applied to a variety of internal muscle problems throughout the body. It has also been used to treat severe migraines, strabismus (weak or improper alignment of the eyes), gastric cancer, rhinitis, painful bladder syndrome (PBS), and even obesity.

Botox has relatively few side effects. The most severe typically include allergic reactions and temporary paralysis of adjacent facial muscles (similar in effect to Bell’s Palsy, but with a much shorter span of time.)

Sites like can give you far more information about Botox and other cosmetic injections, including pricing, locations, and certified practitioners.

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